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Kegit & Craftlink are partnering

To provide a complete cold-chain logistics solution for breweries to move and sell beer in Melbourne at a very competitive cost.

To kick it off we're giving up to 10 breweries from NSW the chance to put packaged beers on our pallet that's headed to Melbourne.
We'll be listing it on the Craftlink portal straight away so you can get on with marketing it to your Melbourne customers. To buy it, all those customers need to do is jump on the Craftlink platform and order the cases they want. Then as soon as the pallet gets to Melbourne it'll go straight into Craftlink's cold warehouse and your fresh cases will be scheduled for the next delivery to your new Melbourne customers.

What do you get?

You get your beer put on a pallet at our cold Newcastle depot, sent to Melbourne on a cold truck, then delivered from the Craftlink cold 3PL on their cold trucks to your new customers.

You also get paid as soon as your customer gets their delivery. That's right, no need to go chasing payments directly from your Melbourne customers.

What will you need to do?

Get the word out there that your awesome beers are on their way to Melbourne and will be available exclusively via Craftlink.

What is Craftlink Online?

The Craftlink Online is where you manage the stock stored in the Craftlink warehouse, its also where your Melbourne customers can order their stock.

So what's the catch?

There isn't one. This is our pilot to prove we have a great service and to show you what can be done.

Is Craftlink a distributor?

No, Craftlink is a 3PL. You own the stock until it gets sold to the customer, this means you're in control of the price.

How will you get paid?

Once you have confirmed you're on board the great team at Craftlink will be in touch and get you all set up.

How much does this all cost?

$8 per case (or 10% of the case price), that's it.
If you would like to store product at Craftlink in their cold facility, we'd love to chat with you about that too. Just ask and we'll get you the Kegit partner rates.

What do you do next?

Get in touch with us and let us know how much product you want to send and when it will be available. We'll get back to you ASAP with the rest of the details.

If the beer is not presold, do we pay Craftlink for storage?

Our focus is on servicing a customer base that the brewery cannot easily do at this stage. In saying that there is some flexibility available. Example: The brewery pre sells 8 cases and they send 10. Craftlink can offer a free refrigerated storage time of 14 days to move the remaining cartons.

Is the $8 a one off opening offer or what the pricing is going forward for shipping cartons to Melbourne?

Minimum $8.00 or 10% whichever is higher is the model we are working on now and moving forward.

If we sign up is there an exclusivity arrangement around only selling through Craftlink in Melbourne?

The terms are: The product cannot be available in the state of VIC to be part of the trial. While the product is in transit and is not delivered and signed for. Once all the venues receive and sign for their products the exclusivity ends.

Don't want to send stock that isn't sold?

We would still love to have you listed on Craftlink online to show venues that are interested in using it, then if they are interested we can get info on how many enquiries you get. This gives you an opportunity to pre-sell stock so that you don't have anything sitting in Melbourne unsold.

If you are interested in that, no obligations and not locked into anything of course. We'll send you our listing template with the info we need to get your products listed.

Get in touch to join the pilot