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Keg tracking made simple and easy

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When we set out to build Kegit we had one primary goal in mind, make life simpler and easier without creating a huge new cost to manage.

So that is exactly what the Kegit app is all about - Tracking your keg fleet easily and costs less than 1 keg per year. You simply scan the barcoded kegs and update their status and location. We think that's pretty easy and cost-effective.

How easy? I hear you say, well let me take you through it.

First, you Sign up online, then we create your account and you download the app to your phone.

If your kegs don't have barcodes then we'll send you a bunch to get you started straight away.

Once your kegs are barcoded you simply upload your products, batch numbers and locations of your customers straight into your brewery profile. THAT'S IT! You're ready to start scanning kegs and keeping track of exactly where they are what products are in them.

You can log into the online dashboard anytime and see where all your kegs are, easily making sure your customers aren't holding onto old batches or empty kegs. Now you can easily see where they went last and if they got scanned out, empty or flagged with a fault.

So what are you waiting for? Come and check out Kegit app

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