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Kegit App

Scan your kegs to track where they are and what’s in them.

When they’re empty, you’ll be able to see instantly and get them back faster so you’ll never lose track of your kegs again.


Kegit OnTap Platform

Our premium platformKegit OnTap gives you everything you need to manage your keg fleet from dispatch to return.

Kegit OnTap is one simple platform with real-time reporting for kegs, keg maintenance, tracking your products in market and batch tracking that integrates with your inventory so you'll save time and money managing your kegs and get back to what you do best – making awesome beer!


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At Kegit we like to keep things simple and transparent, so that's how we do our pricing too. No hidden costs, no surprises, just simple scalable pricing.


Don't own kegs


Mobile app

Keg Check-in/out

For delivery drivers, pubs and bars



$20 AUD per month per 500 kegs


Mobile app

OnTap platform

Keg tracking

Keg history

Product tracking

Batch tracking


$25 AUD per month

Additional Features:

Palletize kegs

Track Pay Per Fill Kegs

Integration with your inventory management

Keg Alerts and Service tracking


Need barcodes?

We can help with that too. Our app can scan existing barcodes or 2D matrix codes but if your kegs are cleanskin we'll supply you with the industrial adhesive codes you need.