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Kegit App

Scan your kegs to track where they are and what’s in them.

When they’re empty, you’ll be instantly notified to get them back faster so you’ll never lose track of your kegs again.


Kegit SmartTag

The Kegit SmarTag gives you real time data on your keg so you can keep track on where it is being stored and at what temperature ensuring the perfect pour conditions every time.

We know that taste is everything and with the SmarTag, you can rest assured that your beer is being served the way you intended it.


Kegit OnTap

Our premium platformKegit OnTap gives you everything you need to manage your product from dispatch to return.

Kegit OnTap provides you with realtime reporting, tracking, quality control, servicing and logistics bookings all within a centralised and automated platform saving you time and money and getting you back to what you do best – making awesome beer!